Quick Tips for the Mavericks Meeting Room

Start Page

Room is currently shut down. “Touch Screen to Begin”.

Mode Select Page

Choose how you would like to use the room

  • Local Presentation
  • Display any source to any Display
  • Video Conference
  •  Make a Video call using the Cisco VTC system
  • Share content source in call 
  • Audio Conference
  • Make a Phone Call

Top Bar

Mode Select 

  • Returns you to the Mode Select Page


  • Open Lighting Control Page


  • Open Shutdown Confirm Subpage
  • Will turn off all displays and hang up all calls

Bottom Bar


  • Quick access to the Telephone from any mode

Mic Select

  • Toggle between the MXA910 Ceiling Mic and the MX Wireless table mics

Speaker Volume

  • Slider for the speaker volume in the room

Speaker Mute

  • Mutes the speakers in the room

Mic Mute

  • Mutes the microphones in the room. No audio will be heard on the far-end of a call.


Local Presentation

Drag and drop any source to any combinations of displays
  • Choose the desired Wall Configuration from the choices on the right
  • Audio will follow whichever display is “checked” (the small boxes in the corner of each display)
  • Control for the Apple TV and TV Tuner can be accessed from the buttons on the left
  • Due to design limitation the TV Tuner and & Appspace cannot be displays simultaneously

Video Conference

Dial Pad

  • Dial the IP address of the Video unit you wish to call
  • Tap the Text field to open a full keyboard if needed
  • Use the Dial / Hangup buttons to begin / end a call

Camera Control

  • Manual
  • Camera will be in full manual mode. The user must use the Pan / Tilt / & Zoom buttons to maneuver the camera.
  • Tap a preset number to recall that preset, press and hold to save the current position as that preset.
  • Speaker Track
  • Camera will automatically zoom in on the current speaker. No user control over the camera in this mode.
  • Selfview
  • Toggle on/off the PIP view of the local camera on the display.
  • Use the checkboxes to move the selfview PIP to different locations on the screen


  • Corporate
  • The Corporate directory containing all systems in your company
  • Local Favorites
  • The Local units personal phonebook or “Favorites”

Share Content

  • Select the source you wish to share with the Far-End.
  • HDCP content cannot be shared


  • Change the layout of how the far-end & content is displayed on your screen
  • Auto – allow the Cisco device to choose
  • Equal – Show the Far-End and Content Sources Side x Side
  • Full Screen – Show the Content Full Screen
  • Prominent – Large Content window with smaller Camera views
  • Overlay with PIP – Full screen Content with Camera views on top
  • Use the checkboxes to move the camera PIP to different locations on the screen

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