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Digital Instructions

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Start page

Touching the screen will start the system, (turns on all displays, cameras, etc, and selects the PC as the default source and routes the PC to all displays.

Main Page

On the main page there are basic video routing controls on the left side of the page which allows the user to select which video source to be shown on the displays

Camera Controls

On the right side of the page are the camera controls.  This allows the user to control the cameras Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions and save up to six presets.

Admin Screen

(ADMIN Use Only) Pressing and holding the logo in the top left corner will bring up the admin settings page that contains the auto shutdown features and advanced audio controls

Volume Controls

On the bottom bar are the speaker volume controls and the master mic mute (mutes mic audio to far end of a zoom or teams call).

Media Processor

On the bottom left corner is the Extron media processor button which brings up the control for the media recorder which includes the ability to start, stop and pause recordings and change the content and camera layout in real time.  There are also source buttons for the recorder and cameras so the user can preview camera positions and recording layouts prior to beginning a recording.

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